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Fascinating, isn’t it?

We think so too

CHARMLUX we redefine the term One Stop Shop by combining a staffing/talent agency and experiential event marketing company with world-renowned fashion and event services professionals to serve any need imaginable nationwide and worldwide.  Allow us to shed new light on the world of talent and event management. 

  • CHARMLUX takes the once tedious and often risky undertaking of talent acquisition, event planning and management and makes it simple, problem-free and wildly successful.

  • Our experts have years of experience in talent recruitment and management, fashion and event services and management, and all the industry connections to go along with it.

  • Our team of radiant fashion models, promotional models, spokesmodels, specialized talent, fashion professionals and event services professionals are experienced, dedicated and driven.

Your success is our success, and we’re here to succeed.


CHARMLUX has an established database of experienced promotional models and spokesmodels who are trained to captivate audiences and communicate your message the way you intend it to be communicated.

If you think that doesn’t sound too special, think again.

  • We know from experience that many companies send inexperienced, unprepared and under-managed personnel to represent your company, your brand, YOUR name.  Often you may not even get the talent you were expecting.


    CHARMLUX completely throws out the guessing game.  You get the talent you were promised and every model is personally trained and closely managed by CHARMLUX.Our charming personnel models share more than just good looks; they also share a common goal to professionally and effectively illuminate your brand in the public eye.


    CHARMLUX knows that models are only one of many aspects of a successful event.  Sourcing and coordinating all the many moving parts of an event or marketing effort is an art itself, one we've mastered.

  • CHARMLUX has joined forces with many well-known names in the fashion and event services world, along with specialized talent and business services professionals, to create a powerhouse of resources all at your fingertips.
    • Need a world-class Limo or Private Jet for your next event?  Done.  
    • Looking for a hair stylist-to-the-stars for your next photo shoot or fashion show?  No problem. 
    • Whatever your needs may be, chances are we can help you.

Check out Our FASHION SERVICES and our PLUS SERVICES for details.

CHARMLUX is the revolutionary, turnkey full-service solution to all your fashion, marketing and event needs.

Stop imagining the agency that goes above and beyond the rest 

CHARMLUX is here.

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